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Hachimaki - Ninja



This hachimaki headband comes in ninja black and features the Japanese character "nin" which means "to endure" or "to hide." Ideal for martial artists or cosplay.

Japanese hachimaki are thin cotton strips tied around the forehead. Originally worn at festivals to ward off evil spirits, they also serve the purpose of keeping hair and perspiration out of the wearer's eyes.

Hachimaki help the wearer to gather his/her spirits and show determination and resolve. The slight pressure around the forehead helps to improve concentration and speed of thought. They were worn by samurai under their helmets, kamikaze pilots during World War II, and by practitioners of martial arts.

Size: 1220mm x 50mm (48 inches x 2 inches)
Color: Black with gold or silver design.
Material: 100% Cotton.

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Hachimaki - Ninja

$8.95 USD