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Hase Plus Jikatabi Extensions

Size ? Medium

More legroom for your jikatabi!

Your jikatabi are the right shoe size but are too small around your leg? This is a simple but elegant solution. Made of the same cotton canvas as jikatabi, this patch has the same cotton loops on one side and metal kohaze clasps on the other. Attach them to the upper part of your jikatabi and instantly they're up to 5cm (2 inches) bigger. The 4-kohaze type is for medium size boots, while the 7-kohaze type is ideal for tall or high boots.

If you're buying jikatabi, check to see if the one you want is available in a "shimebuto" fit, which has extra girth for the calf and the ankle. If it is, you may not need the Hase Plus. This item is suitable for both Marugo and Rikio jikatabi.

Size: medium (4 kohaze); large (7 kohaze)
Color: black, navy blue, white.
Material: 100% cotton

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Hase Plus Jikatabi Extensions

$7.95 USD