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Lantern, takoyaki, chochin lantern, red lantern, Japanese lantern

Lantern - Takoyaki (Large)


Your Own Takoyaki Stall

These bright red Japanese chochin, or lanterns, can be seen displayed on takoyaki stalls throughout the country. Takoyaki is one of Japan's favorite fast foods and is especially popular with kids and young people. Often translated simply as octopus balls, takoyaki are battered dumplings filled with sliced octopus cooked on a special iron hot plate. Takoyaki is a popular snack at Japanese festivals and outdoor events throughout the year.

Traditionally covered with paper, these days commercial chochin are made of tough vinyl to withstand the elements. This is the perfect item to add that Japanese touch to your room, home or business.

Note: when opening for the first time, it's best to do so in a warm (and preferably humid) area to loosen up the vinyl.

Size: 34cm x 70cm (13x27 inches)
Color: Red
Material: Vinyl, plastic, steel

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Lantern - Takoyaki (Large)

$78.95 USD