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Yukata Kimono - Shogi

Size ? Small

Japanese yukata or summer kimono are traditionally worn in the long, humid summer months and are now also often found in traditional inns, hotels and hot springs where they are worn after bathing.

To wear a yukata pull the right side around your body, then pull the left side of the yukata around your body and over the right side. Wrap the matching sash-style belt around your waist and tie in a bow. You're done!

This yukata features a simple pattern of shogi tiles. Shogi is Japan's traditional board game, similar to chess.

Sizes: S - XL.
Width: S-L = 62cm (24"); XL = 67cm (26").
Length: S = 142cm (56"); M = 148cm (58"); L = 152cm (60"); XL = 158cm (63")
To fit height: S = 155-165cm, M = 160-170cm, L = 170-180cm, XL = 175-185cm
Material: 100% Cotton

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Yukata Kimono - Shogi

$86.95 USD