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Benkei Daruma Otoshi and Kendama

Benkei Daruma Otoshi and Kendama


Two Classic Games in One!

This toy ingeniously incorporates the two classic Japanese games kendama and daruma otoshi. With the games mounted on a small car, this makes an ideal toy for children of all ages.

Kendama is played by tossing into the air a ball attached to a rope and trying to catch it with the cup or the pointed end of the stick. It looks easy...

Daruma otoshi - place the daruma head on top of the wooden disks, knock out the bottom one with the wooden hammer and see if you can keep the head cleanly on the remaining disks. This daruma is based on the legendary warrior and swordsman Benkei.

Made in Japan from non-toxic materials.

Size: 17cm (6.7 inches)
Material: Wood

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Benkei Daruma Otoshi and Kendama

$48.95 USD