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Craft Mask - Hanya


Handcrafted Hanya Mask

While they certainly wouldn't be out of place on Halloween, these masks are so darn scary that they're probably better suited for wall hanging.

These beautiful masks are painstakingly handmade by Japanese craftsmen over several weeks and with dozens of stages. The base is 9 layers of washi, layered with multiple coats of kofun (ground seashell), various traditional inks, pigments, and varnish. The teeth are hand carved from wood. The hair is sometimes synthetic, sometimes horse, sometimes human.

Note: From time the order is received, it takes the mask craftsman roughly 30 days to complete this mask.

Size: 40 x 20 x 18 cms
Material: washi, sea shell, ink, pigment, hair

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Craft Mask - Hanya

$359.95 USD