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Fuccon Family,Meet The Fuccons, Oh Mikey

Fuccon Family: Meet The Fuccons


From the people who brought you small cars and big screen TVs..."The Fuccons: Meet The Fuccons!"

Get ready America! Japanese filmmakers have captured the American family on video and the picture isnt pretty. Meet the Fuccons, a typical 2½ person family inexplicably transported to the land of the rising sun. Okay, maybe they’re not perfect: Dad is a bit stiff and wooden, Mom is plastic and empty headed and Mikey's well, Mike's just a little dummy. But when it comes to standing firm in the face of this new and alien environment, the family that's made together stays together, and it certainly doesn't hurt that the Fuccons are as thick skinned, rigid and inflexible as they come. Go Fuccon crazy with this International smash hit.

Japanese television takes a goodnatured swipe at the stereotype of the ugly American with the smash hit show THE FUCCON FAMILY. Originating as a series of bumper shorts on the Japanese variety program VERMILLION PLEASURE NIGHT and eventually spun off into their own sitcom, the three-minute films follow the fish-out-of-water adventures of an all-American family living in Japan--who all happen to be 1950s-era mannequins. Scathingly satirical and utterly hilarious, the Fuccons are introduced in this collection of eight of the series' best episodes.

Released 2005, A.D.V. Films
Region: Region: 1 (USA & territories, Canada)

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Fuccon Family: Meet The Fuccons

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