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Katanuki (Pack of 100)


The Traditional Challenge

Quite rare to find these days, katanuki was a common sight at festivals in years gone by. Small slabs of sugar candy have simple shapes cut into them. Using a needle or sheer skill, separate the shape without breaking it and you win a prize!

An example of the dagashi candies that used to be so popular in Japan. A dagashiya candy store could be found in every town, allowing kids to buy treats with their small pocket change. Katanuki were often associated with the kami shibai, or traveling storycard theaters.

Note: Katanuki are easily broken. We pack these items carefully, but it is to be expected that some pieces will be broken on arrival. Please order more than you need, just in case.

Difficulty: Regular, Easy
Quantity: 100 pieces
Size: 3.5cm x 2.5cm (about 2mm thick)

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Katanuki (Pack of 100)

$19.95 USD