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Kingyo sukui, goldfish scooping, Japanese festival games

Lifelike Kingyo Sukui Goldfish (Pack of 100)


Enjoy one of Japan's favorite summer games!

Now you too can enjoy Kingyo sukui, or goldfish scooping, a favorite activity at festivals across Japan. Scoop up a goldfish with the scoop and it's yours! Trickier than it looks, the scoops have thin sheets of paper that easily break. You can choose different thicknesses of paper to make the more more challenging, or easier for younger kids.

While real goldfish are often used at festivals in Japan, many people will prefer to use these rubber fish. This type is a little lighter and more lifelike than the bug-eyed SK100F model that we sell.

We also sell packs of disposable or reusable scoops, rubber "superballs."

Color: Red, green, yellow, orange, blue
Quantity: 100
Size: 40mm
Material: Non-toxic, thermoplasticized rubber (TPR).
Note: Marked "for children 4 years and older" because, like any small toy, they are a potential choking hazard

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Lifelike Kingyo Sukui Goldfish (Pack of 100)

$25.95 USD