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Matcha Maneki Neko (Silver, Right Paw, 10cm)


The maneki neko (beckoning cat) is a very popular symbol of good fortune and is usually placed in the entrance of a house or business. The right hand raised brings in money, while the white color brings good luck.

This cat wears a medal with the symbol "fuku" or good luck.

This Matcha Green Maneki Neko is lovingly crafted according to the age-old traditions of the ceramics town of Seto in Aichi prefecture. Seto is synonymous with pottery in Japan, and earthenware made here is called "Setoyaki."

The cat's base color is purplish-silver, with the details hand-painted by an artisan in matcha green (matcha meaning powdered green tea, which describes only the paint's color, not its materials).

Size: 10cm (4 inches)
Material: Ceramic

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Matcha Maneki Neko (Silver, Right Paw, 10cm)

$35.95 USD