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Official Kendama - Shin-Fuji


2011 New Year Special Price!

These beautifully hand-crafted kendama are officially sanctioned by the Japanese Kendama Association. They use non-toxic materials.

The Shin-Fuji weighs about 135g, making it a bit lighter than the TK-16 or Oozora, but it has good stability and a very solid feel. The string is attached to the stick in an indentation beneath the cup body so the knot cannot be seen. This kendama comes in a plastic bag that contains an extra string.

Kendama (known in English as cup and ball) is a traditional Japanese game of skill where you try to catch the ball in one of the three cups or on the spike, while performing a variety of tricks and wrist flicks.

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Blonde/Plain Wood
Size: 22cm (9 inches)
Material: Ball - cherry; Handle - Japanese beech

(Note: a discount is available for orders of 30 or more kendama. Please email us for prices.)

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Official Kendama - Shin-Fuji

$16.95 USD

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