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Superballs - Super Set 1000


Superballs Super Set. 1,000 of them, to be exact. This massive selection of all kinds and colors, with sizes varying from 18mm up to 60mm, is ideal for an event of 300 people or so.

NOTE: Due to weight restrictions, this item does not qualify for free shipping.

Quantity: 1000
Size: 18mm (350), 22mm (350), 27mm (30), 32mm (10), 38mm (5), 45mm (6), 60mm (1), plus rugby balls (100 small, 6 large), dekoboko balls (50 small, 3 large), cubes (40), colorful "unchi" balls (40), etc. *Note: exact contents may vary

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Superballs - Super Set 1000

$79.95 USD