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Water Yoyo Set (Set of 100)


This set contains everything you need to make your own water yoyos. It includes a pump and handy device for simply attaching a metal clip that seals 

And to turn it into a game of "yoyo tsuri" just add one of our inflatable pools (water not included!). Set the balloons floating in a pool or tub of water. Players "fish" for the balloons with a hook at the end of a twisted paper string. As the wet paper line breaks easily, the game is very similar to kingyo sukui or goldfish scooping.

NOTE: set contents may vary slightly from that shown in photo, depending on maker.

Contents: Balloons (100)
Rubber strings (100)
Metal hooks (30)
Paper strings (100)
Balloon seal clips (100)
Clipping stand
Hand pump

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Water Yoyo Set (Set of 100)

$39.95 USD