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Here at Japan Store we love wagara, which translates as "Japanese pattern". The term covers a wide variety of patterns, from the family crest of a samurai to the colorful flowers of a silk kimono, or the traditional patterns, symbols, and motifs that never go out of style.

In this category we have selected a range of Japanese accessories, most of which feature variations of wagara.

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We bring you a selection of unique apparel from Japan. From stylish sukajan - satin bomber jackets with striking traditional motifs - to official caps of Japan's professional baseball teams; from light yukata and kimono for the heat of summer to padded hanten jackets to keep you warm in winter; from distinctive tobi construction fashion to hachimaki headbands.

We are always looking to add new items to our range of Japanese apparel, so if you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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Apparel,sukajan,samue,yukata,kimono,ninja gear,hanten,happi,hachimaki,Japanese clothes

Budget Jikatabi

The ideal way to try out jikatabi for the first time.

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Budget Jikatabi,cheap jikatabi


We currently have just a small selection of popular Japanese food and drink products.

Popular items include green tea powder or tea bags and kakiyokan sweets.

And if you're looking for something unusual or hard to find in your local Asian food market, let us know and we can get it for you.

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Japanese Food


We offer one of the world's biggest selections of tabi, jikatabi, and tabi & toe socks as well as geta, zori and setta sandals.

If you're new to Japanese footwear, please see our guide to choosing your size.

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Japanese footwear,tabi,jikatabi,jicatabi,tabi boots,ninja boots

Hachimaki Headbands

Hachimaki Headbands are ideal for cosplay or martial arts

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Hachimaki,gokaku,hissho,ninja,headbands,cosplay,toukon,fighting spirit


Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese clothing. Originally Chinese, this style was adopted by the Japanese in the 6th century. Hakama are tied at the waist and fall approximately to the ankles.

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Handmade Fans

Decorative Fans from Japan, hand-made and hand-painted in Kyoto by renowned artist Tomokazu Kurashima.

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Japanese Fans,Handmade in Kyoto

Hanten Padded Jackets

Japanese Hanten - padded cotton jacket or coat. Perfect for cooler, or even winter, weather.

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Hanten,Padded Winter Jackets,cotton jacket,handmade hanten


Ingredients for cooking Japanese dishes

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Japanese ingredients, chazuke, wasabi

Insoles & Liners

Insoles & Liners for Jikatabi. Provide insulation, extra comfort or fit adjustment for your jikatabi.

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Insoles, Liners for Jikatabi,tabi insoles


A typical Japan interior has a variety of unique features. These include things like noren curtains in a doorway, maneki neko or daruma for good luck, decorative geisha fans in an alcove, byobu screens big and small, and much more.

We offer a selection of Japanese interior goods to brighten up any room or give your home or office that Japanese touch. And if you don't see what you're looking for, we can get it for you.

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Japanese Interior,noren curtains, paper lanterns,daruma,maneki neko,byobu screens,furoshiki cloths,masks

Japanese Lanterns

Japanese Lanterns for indoor and outdoor use

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Japanese Lanterns,outdoor,vinyl,paper,indoor,izakaya,red lantern,chouchin,chochin,yakitori,oden,ramen,takoyaki

Japanese Masks

Japanese people enjoy a good time as much as anyone. You'll know that if you've ever been to a Japanese festival or hanami party. These days, western festive occasions like Christmas and Halloween have become part of the Japanese calendar and there are lots of ways you can give those occasions a uniquely Japanese touch.

We have a variety of handmade masks, from simple papier mache designs for children to fabulous handcrafted works of art, painstakingly created over weeks by Japanese craftsmen.

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Traditional Japanese Masks,kids masks,dance masks

Japanese Utensils

You can't enjoy the full experience of eating Japanese food unless you use chopsticks!

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Japanese Utensils,chopsticks

Kids Jikatabi

Jikatabi for young ninjas! A selection of models from Marugo and Rikio, Japan's leading jikatabi makers.

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Kids Jikatabi, kids ninja tabi, kids tabi,kids ninja boots,ninja shoes
jikatabi, tabi boots, tabi shoes, kids, childrens sizes

Rikio Kids Tabi

$35.95 USD
Marugo Kids Matsuri Jog, kids jikatabi, kids tabi boots
jikatabi, tabi boots, kids, children, childrens, size, sizes, cushion

Kingyo Sukui

Kingyo Sukui is the popular goldfish scooping game seen at summer festivals all across Japan. The perfect addition to your Japanese culture event!

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Kingyo Sukui,Goldfish Scooping Game

Marugo Jikatabi

Marugo, the country's #2 maker, make the most stylish jikatabi in Japan.

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Marugo Jikatabi from Kurashiki, Japan
Marugo Air Jog 12, Comfortable Jikatabi, thick insole, air cushioning, shock absorber, air tabi
Marugo Air Jog 6, Comfortable Jikatabi, thick insole, air cushioning, shock absorber, air tabi
Marugo Air Jog V 12, Comfortable Jikatabi, thick insole, air cushioning, shock absorber, air tabi


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